Unit 6: Memory is a Verb

Unit 6: Memory is a Verb

Focus: activist art, collective memory, healing from trauma, legacy of the Dirty War, political cartoons, street art

Student Activities

Lesson 1: Time to Move On

Lesson 2: Our Tragedies

Lesson 3A: Bicis

Aldo Rico, Carapintada

Lesson 3B: Cartas-Letters

Lesson 3C: Miquez Observation

Lesson 3D: Political Cartoon Study of Pope Francis


Cautiva Trailer

Film about a 15-year-old girl who finds out that her parents are not really her biological parents Rotten Tomatoes

Children of the Disappeared on Vimeo

Photographs of the children of the disappeared are paired with poetry readings by Alicia Partnoy, a DW survivor

El Tiempo Suspendido – Trailer

One Woman’s Quest to Move On From Argentina’s Dirty War

“White Walls Say Nothing” Documentary – Official Trailer


“Looking back would imply living in the past as if it were the present…and that’s something that I can’t wrap my head around. What’s done is done, the rest is up to you.”



“In response to the Dirty War, the environment of fear, and lack of free speech, street art,”became a public voice, and in the decades that followed, it has continued to be part of an activist culture of art.”



Web Designers and Research Assistants

2019-present: Jason Hackett, Joshua Josephy-Zack, Mia Josephy-Zack

2020-present: Riyanshu Bam, Hanna Bloomquist, Ashley Duong, Samantha Esposito, Abigail Pawlowicz

Photography Contributions

Special thanks to Caitlin Daley, Branford High School, Class of 2016, for generously sharing photographs of the disappeared at the Museo de la Memoria, Plaza San Martin, Córdoba, Argentina. The Museo de la Memoria is the actual police building that was a clandestined centre for detention and torture during the Dirty War 1976-1983.