Welcome to the Puerto Rican Heritage Trail!

“The Hartford Puerto Rican Heritage Trail project highlights Puerto Rican contributions to the city of Hartford and documents the rich history of Puerto Ricans in Hartford, Connecticut.” – Carol T. Correa de Best, 2009 


In 2009, Carol T. Correa de Best, current Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs for Trinity College, created the Puerto Rican Heritage Trail of Hartford, CT website, which was subsequently archived. Now, a decade later, La Plaza Virtual has recovered the content from the original website, thus reviving the Heritage Trail project!  In order to create a more user-friendly experience, we invite you to take note of the following outline and suggestions meant to help you navigate our new and improved website:


  • By placing the cursor on the tab titled “Welcome to the Puerto Rican Heritage Trail!” (the tab  corresponding to this current page, located under “LATINO/A STUDIES”), you will see a drop down menu on the right for the different pages of the website.
  • We suggest you explore each page in the order in which they are placed from top to bottom.
  • The first three pages provide the historical narrative prepared by Correa de Best which includes historical context and the breakdown of the trail.
  • As you are reading, make sure to click on links (the words in yellow font) that will take you straight to the “Interview Audio Recordings and Transcripts” page. On that page, you will notice that each interview title has the page where the respective interview is located. Additionally, clicking on each interview title will redirect you back to the corresponding page. 
  • On the “What Does the Trail Look Like?” page, we encourage you to click on the links to the historical introductions for all three neighborhoods on the trail.  
  • The three pages that follow (which are the names of each of the neighborhoods) include specific descriptions of all the buildings and landmarks from each neighborhood. Feel free to click on any historical location that you might want to read more on. 
  • Each location’s current address is provided in the header of the respective description. If you click on the address, a link will redirect you to the current location on Google Maps.
  • Make sure to check out the final sections in order to reflect on the discussion questions provided and feel free to reach out to the contacts included in the “Creator’s and Editor’s Notes” page for any further inquiries or information.
  • Enjoy!