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Learn how to advocate for undocumented rights


      The United We Dream Network (UWDN), the first and largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, has developed a Deportation Defense Program and Toolkit to train and empower local communities to defend their rights, stop deportations, and end the collaboration between local police and immigration agents.

      UWDS argues that with a sanctuary or safe space, members of that community are united and prepared to protect immigrants from deportation forces, are actively preventing ICE from infecting local law enforcement, are working to protect Muslims from a religious registry, surveillance & harassment, are united against police brutality and stop and frisk and united against misogyny and for womxns’ and LBGTQ rights.

      This toolkit was designed to help undocumented immigrants and undocu-allies create sanctuary/safe cities and counties and/or find ways to ensure the protection of undocumented immigrants. It is organized in the following action steps: become an Undocu-ally, organize and build the support for sanctuary/safe spaces, and steps to organize for a sanctuary/safe city or county


Select Action Steps


The following suggested Select Action Steps will help preserve and strengthen the rights of undocumented residents and also the rights of all residents in our state.​

  • Reaffirm Town/City’s existing commitments to all of its residents by issuing a public statement in support of undocumented immigrant individuals as well as their families and communities as vital parts of our diverse community.
  • Clarify the communications and enforcement relationship between the Town/City and the federal government and clarify what specific conduct by City employees is encouraged and prohibited toward (undocumented) immigrant communities.
  • Guarantee the privacy of residents by refusing to release information regarding their immigration status (unless such inquiry or investigation is required by CT State Statute, federal regulation, or court decision).
  • Declare, along with the Police Department, that the Town/City will not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in locating, detaining, and deporting any members of the community.
  • Declare that no agent or agency shall condition the provision of Town/City benefits, opportunities, or services on matters related to citizenship or immigration status unless required to do so by statute, federal regulation, or court decision.
  • Provide enhanced, centralized mental health and legal services to support undocumented residents.
  • Provide undocumented immigrant/know your rights training for town workers and town residents.
  • Construct a web site portal for information on services for undocumented residents.
  • Join with Town/City residents to advocate at the state and federal government levels to strengthen any current rights for undocumented residents and expand access to health care and other fundamental social rights.
  • Establish a private fund to support legal and other needs of undocumented residents.
  • Create an office of non-citizen affairs, which would provide information and support to non-citizen residents.


Immigration Defense Project


Protect Your Community by learning your rights, accessing important legal information, legal training, and advocacy tools to protect against unfair detention and/or deportation.

Resources for community members, legal defenders, judges, and prosecutors included.

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Know Your Rights 

Are you prepared if Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents approach you? Download your Deportation Defense Card to Know Your Rights & Call our hotline to report ICE activity.

Share Your Story

A simple yet powerful way to organize or raise awareness in your community about the issues of undocumented people is to host testimoniosor testimonials where personal stories are shared. 


Lucas, the Executive Director for Connecticut Students for a Dream (C4D), shares his testimony as an undocumented person from Brazil. Lucas explains his efforts in pursuing higher education and coming into his activism.