Unit 4: Migration Experiences Through Multimedia





Unit 4: Migration Experiences Through Multimedia

Focus: Voices of experience, podcasts, videos

Student Activities(Sample)

Prior to Migration

Activity 1: Political Cartoon Study of Migration and Influences of Migration

The Migration

Activity 2: The Journey to the Border

After Migration

Activity 3: Life on the Other Side of the Border

Extra Resources for Prior to Migration

New York Times Opinion: The Children of the Drug Wars by Sonia Nazario

NPR: Mexican-American Duo Jesse & Joy Advocate For Migrants In The U.S.

Reynosa Perdomo Video: Me Fui 

Young Venezuelan woman talks about leaving her homeland in search of a better life.

Extra Resources for The Migration

El viaje entre dos países

Arlet Burciaga, 19 year old Mexican girl who crosses the border daily to attend school in the United States, discusses her daily routine.

Los Tigres del Norte: Tres Veces Mojados

Los Tigres sing about migrants from Central America to the United States.

NPR: The Border is Not a Line

A collection of various people and their stories about the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Extra Resources for After Migration

Perfil: Relatos de migrantes: la otra cara de la búsqueda del “sueño americano”

Migrants talk about the difficulties of finding the American Dream. Includes photo gallery. (Spanish)

Los Enanitos: A las Tres

Los Enanitos sing about a migrant who knows he is not welcome in the United States. He misses his loved ones, but there is no work for him at home.

At the Mercy of the Courts

The story of a family and their journey for asylum through the U.S. Immigration Court System.